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Teen Cycle Study

The Teen Cycle Study aims to understand how menstruation affects emotions and behavior in adolescents with significant life stress.

Age & Gender

  • 14 years ~ 19 years
  • Female, Gender Inclusive

Visit Availability

  • Standard business hours (M-F, 8-5)
  • Extended hours (M-F, early morning or evening)
  • Weekend hours, if needed


North Carolina (Statewide)

What will be asked of you

The process would begin with a visit to our office in which a member of our staff would ask you and your child questions and have you and your child complete surveys on a computer. You and your child would each receive $75 in gift cards for this interview visit, which lasts about 3 hours. At the end of this visit, you would also receive urine test strips and an ovulation kit to measure their hormones and ovulation. You would also receive instructions on setting up your child's phone so they can answer a few questions every day for 70 days, 6 days of daily surveys, and one day of weekly surveys during the 70-day period. The weekly surveys will continue after the 70-day period for a 16-week follow-up period. We will give your child $1 for each of the 60 daily-diary surveys they complete, and an additional $20 for completing at least 80% of these daily check-ins (i.e., up to $80 total). Next, we will give your child $4 for each of the 26 weekly follow-up surveys, and an additional $41 for completing at least 80% of these weekly surveys (up to $145 total). In addition, we will give your child $3 per correctly taken and stored at-home urine test (up to $120 total). In total, your child can earn up to $570 in prepaid debit cards for their participation in this project.


Up to $570 for adolescents; Up to $75 for parents, Mileage reimbursement if 20 miles+ away from lab

In-person visits:
Total length of participation:
About 6 months

Looking for Specific Volunteers

Able to participate:

  • Depression (or have symptoms of depression) or Bipolar Depression *
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Non-suicidal self-injury (e.g., cutting)
  • Have a regular period

Not eligible if:

  • Do not yet have your menstrual period, or cannot get a menstrual period*
  • Take birth control
  • Take other hormones (e.g., testosterone)
  • Have serious asthma

Contact the Team

Visit Location

Contact & Visit Location

Primary Contact

Visit Study Website

Primary Visit Location

UNC Health - Carolina Crossing, Building B
2218 Nelson Hwy, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, USA

Additional Study Information

Principal Investigator

Susan Girdler
Psychology and Neuroscience

Study Type

Behavioral or Social

Study Topics

Child and Teen Health
Mental and Emotional Health
Minority Health
Parents of Children
Sexual and/or Reproductive Health
Substance Use (tobacco, alcohol, opioids, etc)
Women's Health

IRB Number


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