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Non-invasive brain stimulation study of memory

This study was designed to better understand the role of electrical brain activity in the control of memory. The current study has no immediate benefit to the participant. However, the results of this study may be used to develop novel tools for the treatment of psychiatric mood-disorders that involve a detriment in cognitive control. The study requires approximately 15 hours of participation across five sessions. In the first session, you will do a computerized task and complete questionnaires about your mental health and personality. Based on your task performance, you may advance to the next stage of the experiment. In the next sessions, your brain activity will be recorded using electroencephalography (EEG), sensors on your scalp, and with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Finally, you will receive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) during performance of a memory task.

Age & Gender

  • 18 years ~ 35 years
  • Male, Female, Gender Inclusive

Visit Availability

  • Standard business hours (M-F, 8-5)
  • Extended hours (M-F, early morning or evening)
  • Weekend hours, if needed


North Carolina (Statewide)

What will be asked of you

At each visit, you will perform a memory task while we either record your electrical brain activity (EEG) or record functional MRI or deliver transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). First session, behavior only. Second session, EEG only. Third, session functional MRI only. Fourth and fifth session, TMS and EEG.


Up to $170, Free parking for your MRI visit.

In-person visits:
Total length of participation:
Five sessions about 2 hours each.

Looking for Healthy Volunteers

Requirements for healthy volunteers are different than for those with a specific condition. If you are interested in becoming a healthy volunteer for this study, use the below categories to determine if you are able to participate.

Able to participate:

  • Right handed
  • Normal or corrected-to-normal vision

Not eligible if:

  • Color blindness
  • Neurological disorders such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis
  • Diagnosis or medication for ADHD/ADD
  • Implanted electronic medical devices
  • History severe concussion or traumatic brain injury

Contact the Team

Visit Location

Contact & Visit Location

Primary Contact

Primary Visit Location

Dawson Hall Building (Vilcom Center)
77 Vilcom Center Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, USA

Additional Study Information

Principal Investigator

Flavio Frohlich
Psychiatry - Research

Study Type

Behavioral or Social

Study Topics

Healthy Volunteer or General Population

IRB Number




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