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"How's it going?" Feelings about a psychotherapy session

The purpose of this research study is to validate two questionnaires to assess the feelings experienced by the patients toward their psychotherapists during an individual psychotherapy session. The final questionnaires will help researchers and clinicians to learn more about the patient's experiences as well as the therapeutic relationship, with the goal of improving the therapy process, patient satisfaction, and outcomes.

Age & Gender

  • 18 years ~ 99 years
  • Male, Female, Gender Inclusive


United States (Nationwide)

What will be asked of you

You will be invited to think, on the one hand, about your most recent psychotherapy session and, on the other hand, about the week that preceded it. Then you will read a series of statements and rate each of them on the extent to which it is true of the way you felt during that session or week.

Total length of participation:
Two surveys: 20-30 minutes for the first survey and 7-10 minutes for the second

Looking for Healthy Volunteers

Requirements for healthy volunteers are different than for those with a specific condition. If you are interested in becoming a healthy volunteer for this study, use the below categories to determine if you are able to participate.

Able to participate:

  • You are 18 years or older
  • You are fluent in English
  • Currently in psychotherapy

Not eligible if:

  • None

Contact the Team

Visit Location

  •  Alberto Stefana

100% Remote (online, phone, text)

Additional Study Information

Principal Investigator

Alberto Stefana
Psychology and Neuroscience

Study Type

Behavioral or Social

Study Topics

Chronic Conditions
Eating, Nutrition, and Metabolism
Healthy Volunteer or General Population
Mental and Emotional Health
Opinions and Perceptions
Parents of Children
Sexual and/or Reproductive Health
Substance Use (tobacco, alcohol, opioids, etc)
Wellness and Lifestyle
Social or Workplace Dynamics
Women's Health
Men's Health
UNC or UNC Health employees
UNC Students (undergrad, grad, professional)

IRB Number


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