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VOR-07 Study

"This study is looking at combining 2 medications to evaluate the ability of the combination to decrease the size of the latent reservoir. We will test the use of an antibody called VRC07-523LS to stimulate the immune system to fight HIV infection. We will give the drug Vorinostat (VOR) to stimulate the release of HIV from the latent reservoir. Previous research studies show that VOR has the ability to stimulate some non-active HIV infected cells to become active and release HIV virus. The purpose of this study is to: • Evaluate the safety of VOR in combination with VRC07-523LS • Evaluate the safety of two series of a VRC07-523LS infusion followed by multiple oral doses of VOR • Determine if combining VRC07-523LS and VOR can have an impact on the size of the latent reservoir."

Age & Gender

  • 18 years ~ 64 years
  • Male, Female

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North Carolina (Statewide)

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Principal Investigator

Cindy Gay
Medicine-Infectious Diseases

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