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ACL Reconstruction and Biofeedback Study

Everyday tasks, like walking, cause different amounts of force on your knees. Researchers want to learn more about how these different levels of force can affect the development of osteoarthritis in people who have had ACL reconstruction. We want to find out when a level of force can be helpful in strengthening the knee and when it can become harmful in the long-term; this will help us to develop new treatments and recovery plans for the knee following an ACL reconstruction.

Age & Gender

  • 16 years ~ 35 years
  • Male, Female, Gender Inclusive

Visit Availability

  • Standard business hours (M-F, 8-5)
  • Extended hours (M-F, early morning or evening)
  • Weekend hours, if needed


North Carolina (Orange)

What will be asked of you

If you decide to participate in our study, you will come to our lab 5 times over a 5-week period. At your first visit (about 1.5 hours) you will learn about the study, and we will get some basic information about your walking speed and muscle activity. The other four visits will each take 5 hours; at these visits you will spend about 30 minutes walking and practicing holding your body weight on your leg in different ways. The rest of these longer sessions will be spent resting (you are free to study, work, watch Netflix, etc) and we will do some other simple tests to learn about your knee cartilage at various times during that resting period.


$300 Visa gift card

In-person visits : 5
Total length of participation : 5 weeks

Looking for Specific Volunteers

Able to participate:

  • You have had ACL Reconstruction surgery within the past year
  • You are not restricted from walking for 30 minutes or performing strong contractions with your leg muscles.
  • You had a bone-patellar-bone (BTB) ACL graft

Not eligible if:

  • You have had multiple ACL Reconstruction surgeries

Contact the Team

Visit Location

100% Remote (online, phone, text)

Additional Study Information

Principal Investigator

Brian Pietrosimone
Exercise and Sport Science

Study Type

Clinical or Medical

Study Topics

Bones, Joints, Muscles
Child and Teen Health

IRB Number


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