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Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Research Study

The goal of this study is to see if phlebotomy (like donating blood at the Red Cross) can improve blood sugar control and liver health. Preliminary studies in people and many studies in mice suggest that this may be the case. UNC researchers are investigating whether donating blood can help to reduce the risk for or symptoms of diabetes.

Age & Gender

  • 40 years ~ 75 years
  • Male, Female, Gender Inclusive

Visit Availability

  • Standard business hours (M-F, 8-5)


North Carolina (Statewide)

What will be asked of you

Participants will receive a continuous glucose monitor (we will place this at a clinic visit) and will have 3-4 blood draws during the study.


$25-50 per completed visit.

In-person visits : 6 to 8
Total length of participation : 1.5-2 years

Looking for Specific Volunteers

Able to participate:

  • Diagnosis of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes for at least three months
  • Have had an elevated A1c within the past year
  • You have a serum ferritin > 85 ng/mL, if female. (This can be checked during the screening visit)
  • You have a serum ferritin > 110 ng/mL, if male. (This can be checked during the screening visit)
  • You are on a stable lifestyle therapy program, taking up to two diabetes drugs.

Not eligible if:

  • Individuals taking sulfonylureas, glinides, or insulin
  • Individuals who have significant anemia, medical illness, organ failure, neurological disease, chronic inflammation, serious chronic infections, or an active cancer diagnosis
  • Individuals who have experienced recent blood loss, have a history of orthostatic hypotension, or are currently being treated with anticoagulants
  • Individuals who report heavy alcohol use or anticipate any upcoming major changes in lifestyle, diet, or exercise routine (other than those recommended by their regular doctor)
  • Are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are not willing to be on an effective program of birth control

Contact the Team

Visit Location

100% Remote (online, phone, text)

Additional Study Information

Principal Investigator

John Buse

Study Type

Clinical or Medical

Study Topics


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