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Who's who on a research study team?

Research teams have many different people doing different things, with a common goal in mind: your health and safety. All these roles are intended to be a resource to you during your research study experience. If you decide to participate in a research study, you may interact with some of these people:

  • Principal Investigator: Every study is required to have one principal investigator (PI), sometimes known as a study doctor or head researcher. The study’s PI is responsible for all aspects of the study to ensure everything is done correctly. The PI works together with other research team members to ensure your safety while you are in a study. The study PI will always be available for any questions you may have before, during, or after your participation in a study! 
  • Co-investigators help the PI carry out specialized duties in the study, like performing study procedures or making decisions about the study. Research studies may have 1 co-investigator, or they could have 10. It varies depending on the needs of the project. This means that you may see different study investigators during your time in the study. 
  • Study Nurses have specialized medical and research training. This allows them to help with any medical care that may be a part of your study. For example, if you were in a study that required medication review or blood draw, they may assist with that.  They are also able to assist in the everyday tasks of the study.  
  • Study Coordinators manage the day-to-day activities of your study. You will likely interact with coordinators often while completing study tasks throughout your participation. It is very common for the study coordinator to be your primary contact for all questions about the study. They are often the person that introduces a research study to you if you are in your doctor’s office follows up with you about the study after.
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